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2009年 10月 26日

Emai from France


First I try to make a comment on your blog item, but it need to join (suscribe?)
and it's quite difficul for me because every thing is write in japanese.
So if you want you can copy my mail in your blog, I'm totally agree with that.

I'm arrived in france yesterday morning (PM for you in japan!).
Your picture enjoy his trip and arrived without any dammages.

I'm very happy because my wife love your picture too.
We're going to find the best place for your picture in our home,
I'll send you a picture of that when it will be do,ne
( It can take a bit of time because we're very busy at home with our to young child!!)

Google gave me an approximate traduction of what you've written on the note.
I hope a lot of people will buy your picture. If I can just give you an advice,
you can write next to your picture that if they want, visitors can buy it,
because when I came back to madosh to ask for it,
I was really not sure that It could be possible.

Continue to enjoy making picture and I'm sure that
a lot of people will enjoy to buy them as I was really proud and happy to do it!

Thnak you again for your art and your kindness!

Take care

Dear Damien
Thanks for your email.
I am so happy you and your wife love my photo.
This photo exhibition is named ICHIGO-ICHIE
It is difficult to explain the meaning in English.
This meaning is like as follows.
Treasure every encounter,for it will never recur
Treasure every meeting while traveling, for it will never recur
Take care
Takenori Goto

by howdygoto2 | 2009-10-26 09:28 | 街並みスナップ

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